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Our large performance room now doubles as a live performance/recording studio. We record your band totally live using our 24 track Presonus Digital System as you’ll hear in the demos below. We are able to cater for anything from a solist with backing tracks to bands and up to a twenty piece school jazz band. All recorded totally live in one take. After the initial recording session we then do a final post mix and any editing that may be required to produce the demo you require.

We can now offer several levels of our recording service. From recording your rehearsal using digital hand held recording units in our smaller rooms up to full day lock out in our large performance room.

Call us on 0419 172 897 to find out more about what we can offer .


3 x alto sax, 3 x tenor sax, 1 x baratone sax, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, drums, bass, percussion, keys & vocals. Recorded totally live.

Hyde and the HItcher : Compilation

More demos coming soon. . .

The Establishment: LeFreak

Brisbane Northside Junior Jazz Ensemble: Why don't you do right.

Drums, bass, 2 x guitars, 2 x vocals. . . Recorded live in our performance room

Drums, bass, 1 x guitar,  keys, 1 x sax, 3 x vocals. . .Recorded live in our performance room